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Author Archives: Beth Henry

About Beth Henry

Beth Henry is a 16 year flight attendant for a major US Airline. Beth has a passion for children and has been taking care of them first as a babysitter, then as a nanny, and now as a mom. She shares tips for flying with kids based on her experiences with her 7 and 3 year old frequent fliers and from the families she meets on her work flights. Her goal is to empower parents to feel confident and comfortable when flying with their kids.

Where to Find Inexpensive Busy Bag Items

4 Stores for Inexpensive Busy Bag Items: Crafts and Toys on a Budget I’m always on the look out for good toys and activities for travel. These four stores are where I find the inexpensive busy bag toys and activities that the kids and I like best. Do you have inexpensive busy bag items to … Continue reading »

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Best Travel Activities for the Creative Child

21 Travel Activities for the Creative Child Do you have a creative child? An artist? Maybe a designer? There are a lot of great creative travel activities. Keep your child occupied and entertained, maybe even away from screen-time, on your next flight or road trip with some of these travel activities for the Creative Child. … Continue reading »

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Window Seat Views

9 Photos That Will Inspire You to Book A Window Seat Are you a window seat or aisle seat person when you fly? There are advantages of both, but I love sitting in the window seat because of the view. Here are 9 photos that inspire booking a window seat for you next flight. And … Continue reading »

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What to Look For in a Family Friendly Hotel

Top Items That Make a Hotel Family Friendly Searching for a family friendly hotel? Today I was in a discussion with other family travel bloggers about what amenities or designs we look for in a hotel. The conversation inspired me to list items that are important to me when I travel with my family. When … Continue reading »

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New York Botanical Garden Child Review

This past weekend we visited the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) Holiday Train Show. We were lucky and won tickets through our local Macaroni Kid organization (a great resource to discover events and resources for families). The NYBG Holiday Train Show ran from  November 19, 2016-January 16, 2016, so it is over for this season. But … Continue reading »

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Island Vacation Packing

Extras to Pack for an Island Vacation When you’re preparing for an island vacation, you might want to pack some things you don’t pack for every trip. Here are the extra things we pack for our annual island vacation to St. Thomas, USVI. Save yourself money and hassle by bringing these things with you. Lantern … Continue reading »

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5 Step Packing: Flying With Kids

Packing in 5 Simple Steps As I was packing last week I finally recognized my method. Here, in 5 simple steps, is how I pack when I’m flying with kids. Check back every Tuesday for a new Travel Tips post. And I love to have new followers! Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. … Continue reading »

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Christmas Stockings

Christmas in a Hotel Do flight attendants ever get the chance to hang Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve? As a flight attendant I often have to fly on holidays. Although it varies by company and location, flight attendants usually have to work 30+ years before they can hold Christmas eve and Christmas Day off! Flight … Continue reading »

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Best Travel Gifts for Toddlers

23 Travel Gifts for Toddlers If you’re looking for travel gifts for toddlers, I’ve got you covered! Here I list 23 of our favorite toys, equipment, and food ideas for your traveling toddler. I go beyond the standard suggestions with lots of unique ideas. Which ones are your favorites? I’d love to hear from you … Continue reading »

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Flying with Toddlers

The Best of: Flying With Toddlers Flying with toddlers can be fun, but age 1-3 is probably the most challenging age to deal with then traveling. Since toddlers are less able to express themselves than older children, they can get easily frustrated and act out. Toddlers have an unbelievable amount of energy and hate sitting … Continue reading »

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