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Photo Friday-There’s No Place Like HOME

Posted by on May 4, 2012

We’ve just moved into a new house after our coast-to-coast move in March followed by 2 months in my in-laws house. We’re still settling in, so I apologize for not updating the website as often as I should. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday Fun, though, so I’m taking a few moments away from unpacking to post this.

If traveling with kids is sometimes rough, so is moving with kids. They crave familiarity and the additional stress to the adults plus the new environment makes things a little scary for the kids. Ella is excited for this new adventure, but still misses “home” (the old one). We recently read a Toot & Puddle book where Puddle got homesick. Toot said, “I get the same way. I love to travel, but when the time comes, I love to go back home.” We’re anxious for this new place to become “home” for us.

It shouldn’t take long, with enjoyable views like this:



4 Responses to Photo Friday-There’s No Place Like HOME

  1. walkingon travels

    Gorgeous view! I hope you guys get unpacked and settled in soon. I know how nice it is not to have to dig through boxes to find something as simple as a stapler 🙂 

  2. Lucia

    Congratulations on your new home! We are getting ready to do a big move (from overseas back to the States)….we move every three years and I keep thinking it is bound to get easier, but nope…every move is exhausting and unsettling so I can certainly understand Toot’s words. Have fun turning your house into a home. 

  3. Lisa

    Beautiful sunset view!  Have fun settling into your new home!

  4. Sonja

    Aww, that’s sweet.  She’ll get used to it soon.  Good luck.

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