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Review and Giveaway: GoGo Babyz Sidekick

Posted by on July 20, 2013

Giveaway ended 7/28/13. Winners are posted below.

I have been intrigued by the clever invention of the GoGo Babyz Sidekick Diaper Bag/Baby Carrier combo since it was released in 2010. Ella was too old for it then and I wanted so badly to try it out. I prayed for another baby just so I could. (Okay, that’s not the only reason I wanted another baby, but it was a strong influence. LOL)

After baby John was born I talked with GoGo Babyz and they agreed to let me review the Sidekick. The best part is they are sponsoring this giveaway of TWO Sidekick Diaper Bag/Baby Carriers!!!!

The Review:

In my bag

When I first transferred my things from my old diaper bag to the Sidekick, I thought it was a little bit small. But once I got things organized I realized that it was the perfect size and easily fit everything I needed, including my small clutch purse. Here is the bag as I pack it:

Diaper Bag

The unique thing about the Sidekick is that it has a baby carrier attached to it. This is so cool because even though it’s not that much of a hassle to put on a baby carrier, it does take up quite a bit of space in your bag. With the Sidekick you don’t have to worry about that since the carrier folds nicely in the top flap. Unlike other carriers, this holds the baby on your side, as the name implies. (I have found I can also shift John to the front if needed to fit through tight spaces like down the aircraft aisle.)

It’s easy to set up as a carrier. Simply take the shoulder strap and buckle it around your waist. Tighten to your comfort then put the carrier strap over your shoulder. You can either put the baby in and then lift the strap over your shoulder, or slide the baby in through the top. Now that John is a bit taller I find it’s easier to put the strap over my shoulder and then slide him in through the top. If I put the strap over baby’s and my head I found it worked better if I moved John to my front instead of my side.

John was so comfortable in this carrier that he slept at 2 parties and a gymnastics expo. (along with the help of his Zoë b Sleepy Hat). It was comfortable for me to carry him in it for over 2 hours.

diaper bag baby carrier

I love using Sidekick for darting in and out of stores when I don’t want to bring the entire stroller but want the diaper bag with me “just in case”. It was great for the airplane. I used the Sidekick to carry John and it gave me both hands free. I was able to carry the diaper bag (wearing it), the baby, a backpack, a lunch tote, and the car seat down the aisle all by myself!


Here’s another time the Sidekick proved useful for me: climbing up 41 steep steps from the pool to the house. I needed to carry 2 bags and a coffee cup in my hands and was able to do that while carrying John (and the diaper bag) and having a hand to hold the rail for safety. Impressive, no?

Best Travel Products

The only problem I had with the Sidekick was when storing 8 oz. bottles in the side pockets, John’s feet sometimes knocked off the lids. This didn’t bother me enough to change the bottles I was using or put them in a different location.

The Sidekick comes with a nice changing pad that folds compactly and fits nicely at the bottom or side of the bag. It also has an insulated bottle/snack pouch. I didn’t ever use the insulated pouch, but it’s got a great feature of a snapping strap so you can attach it to the outside of the diaper bag if you don’t have room for it inside.

The GoGo Babyz Sidekick comes in three models: Bliss, Shift, and Deluxe. They all share the following features:

  • Versatile – wear over your shoulder, around your waist, or across your shoulder
  • Adjustable strap allows you to carry your baby on either hip
  • Baby-friendly fabric easily wipes clean
  • Key clip, cell phone pocket, and many easily accessed pockets for essentials
  • Double side pockets for bottles or sippy cups
  • Removable insulated bottle/snack pouch and changing pad
  • Designed for use by babies with good head control, weighing up to 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12″ high x 15″ wide x 4″ deep

The Bliss ($120)  and the Shift ($125) are the same material and the Shift adds the feature of a removable carrier strap so you can use it as just a diaper bag, if preferred. The Sidekick Deluxe  ($130) adds these features:

  • Luxe interior fabric with contrasting pattern design
  • leather bottom & trim features
  • additional pockets for storing essentials

The Giveaway:

I am using the Sidekick Deluxe for myself because my husband doesn’t want to use it as a carrier (he would rather just hold the baby). He said if he were to use it that way he would prefer the more basic design with more masculine colors. I wanted to offer versatility to you on this giveaway, so I chose to offer the Sidekick Bliss in Charcoal and the Sidekick Shift in Black. I’m hoping that the neutral colors will encourage the dads to enter and be excited about the Sidekick too.

The giveaway will be run through Rafflecopter and 2 winners will be randomly chosen from the entries. I will not use the information provided for any reason except to contact the winners. I will give the Sidekick Shift to the first winner and the Sidekick Bliss to the second winner drawn.

Disclosure: I received a GoGo Babyz Sidekick Diaper Bag/Carrier for review and 2 to giveaway. I am not otherwise compensated for this review. My opinions are my own and I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself.

To enter, click on the Rafflecopter entry. A blog comment is mandatory and will give you one entry. Tell us your favorite GoGo Babyz product (check them out here) or why you’d like the Sidekick. But don’t stop there! Increase your chances of winning! You can earn up to 11 additional entries (optional) if you follow Cloud Surfing Kids and GoGo Babyz on Facebook and/or Twitter (if not, you can sign up and earn an entry) and/or tweeting about the giveaway. Enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway



30 Responses to Review and Giveaway: GoGo Babyz Sidekick

  1. Jlhh

    This would be great for traveling. My little meets the weight requirements too!

  2. Jlhh

    I would love to have this for traveling!

  3. Melissa

    I would love to use this with #3.

  4. Elizabeth

    I had checked these out before Alice was born but couldn’t decide. Plus, thought they were too good to be true. You are one tough cookie when it comes to recommending items so even if I am not a lucky winner I will get one. It would be great for running in and out for big box store outings with the two of them ( 6 month old and a 21 month old).

  5. Elise Enterkin

    This looks awesome for traveling with my soon-to-be 2 under 2!

  6. Brandi

    This would be a great gift for my new first time mommy friend Nicole!!

  7. mmt

    The sidekick is the perfect shower gift… they can return all other diaper bags.

  8. Leah T

    What an awesome product! Would love to have this for my #3 🙂

  9. Kathleen

    That looks awesome! I love the side carry option.

  10. Julia

    This is awesome! I wish there had been something like this when my kids were babies! I’m hoping to win one to give as a gift!

  11. momo

    Great concept. i would love to try this product out with my next lo. its seems so simple and efficient

  12. Ami Roybal

    I’m out of the loop of baby gear, so I’ve got to get back in! This looks like a great invention.

  13. Megan

    I had never heard of Gogo Babyz but love the idea of the stroller wagon. My son would love that

  14. Dody

    I have a niece who has a one month old baby, id llove to win this and gift it to her.

  15. Eclipsepearl

    That looks super-awkward and uncomfortable. What about a ring sling and just a backpack as a diaper bag for travel? Worked great for us and better for my back.

    • Cloud Surfing Mom

      When I travel with infants I like to pack a diaper bag as well as the backpack. This lets me have easy access to the things I need regularly and the backpack holds all the back-up/emergency items. The nice thing about the Sidekick is you don’t have to find a place to store the sling. Of course the sling would work for many as well. It doesn’t work for me because John has bad reflux and is not comfortable in a sling. The Sidekick might look uncomfortable, but is acutally very comfortable. As I wrote in the review both John and I were comfortable with him in it for over 2 hours. Didn’t hurt my back at all as I was able to maintain perfectly upright posture. The carrier truly supports the baby without my input.

  16. Shanna Schultz

    This looks like an awesome product! We travel A LOT, so I can see how this could be really useful (I always see people in the airport traveling with kids making it WAAYYY too difficult on themselves (huge stroller, too many bags, etc.) This looks like a great way to condense!

  17. manda

    Love the sidekick

  18. Maybelle

    I’ve never used any Gogobaby products, but I like the idea of the Sidekick! It looks super handy!

  19. marie

    These look like they are amazing. What a great idea!

  20. Michelle

    Sounds great, for the busy gma I am!!!

  21. Tara Kathryn Comstock

    I tried to comment yesterday, so I am sorry if this shows up twice! I could really use a new, reliable, neat diaper bag for my first baby. Baby C is due on New Year’s Day 2014!

  22. Vicki H.

    Sidekick Deluxe.

  23. Cheryl Colebrook Ott

    love the travel wheels that are compatible with britax car seats,,,,,go go kids travelmate!

  24. kathleen yoneyama

    i think the wagon stroller and the sidekick are both brilliant! Great review! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  25. bethfromnj

    When I was a new Mom over 30 years ago, there were no products even remotely concieved as beautifully as this. As a new grandmother, I am in awe of all the the products available! I would love to win one of these to use when my Grandbaby comes to visit!

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