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Quick Tip: Pack Battery Backup

For today’s Travel Tip, I’m sharing with you as usual my tips from the viewpoint of both a flight attendant and a mom. My goal in this blog is to help parents enjoy flying with their kids, as they feel confident and empowered when they are fully prepared. This tip about battery backup is for … Continue reading »

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Reduce Anxiety for Your Sensitive Child

If you have a child who is sensitive to his/her environment, the airport can be overwhelming. The lights can be harsh and the crowds and noise can be scary to a sensitive child. One way to help reduce the sensory overload is to let your child wear a floppy hat. This will help decrease some … Continue reading »

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Choosing Shannon Airport for Your Ireland Flight

Have you ever felt like an airport was a highlight of your trip? I have! Twice. And both times it was Shannon Airport on the west coast of Ireland. Guest Author Jody Halstead, of Ireland Family Vacations, shares with us her insight on the Shannon Airport:  Arriving in Ireland as the sun begins to peek … Continue reading »

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St. Thomas With Kids: TRAVEL DAY

We are vacationing in St. Thomas this week with our kids, Ella, age 7 (nearly 8), and John, age 3.  I thought I’d write a series on what to with kids in St. Thomas. This is our travel day to St. Thomas: Travel Day: We left our house in New York at 4am to drive … Continue reading »

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How to Find the Best Airport Restroom

Airport Restrooms – Why Can’t Stalls Be Larger? Do you want to know how to find the best airport restroom?  Guest Author Kiera Reilly* shares the best airport restrooms she has found along with some tips on how to best scope them out for yourself: Traveling through airports is often a hassle and sometimes downright … Continue reading »

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DFW Airport for the Holidays

Are you flying through DFW Airport for the holidays? We will be! I was excited to learn of some new things the airport has to offer to help make your trip more pleasant: DFW App DFW has returned with a new and improved app – the perfect addition for your holiday travels. With the latest … Continue reading »

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Ways to Help Your Child Be Calm on a Plane

  Airports are crowded, busy, and noisy. This constant bombarding of the senses can make your child anxious. Even if they are not visibly stressed, all of the stimulation does challenge their senses and can be tiring. If you have a child with autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, this is even more true. Here are … Continue reading »

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My Interview with Rudy Maxa’s World Travel Radio Show

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Rudy Maxa on his radio travel show: Rudy Maxa’s World. We talked about a few tips for flying with kids. If you missed it live, you can hear the podcast here: Rudy Maxa’s World June 20, 2015- Hour 1 I actually made a rookie mistake as I … Continue reading »

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The Perfect Photo Opportunity

Last summer when we were in Ft. Worth, Texas for my sister’s wedding, John (age 1.5 at the time) and I were awake before the others. I decided to take John outside for a morning walk so that the others could keep sleeping. We wandered around the Ft. Worth Stockyards and I spotted an ice … Continue reading »

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7 Tips for Flight Delays With Kids

Dealing with flight delays is challenging for everyone. But delays when you’re flying with young children can be a disaster. Adding even another hour to the travel day can really wreak havoc on a young child’s schedule, especially if your child is just waiting for the airplane seat in order to take a nap. In … Continue reading »

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