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5 Inexpensive Tools For Kids’ Travel Food

Posted by on December 13, 2011

Are you traveling by plane or car for the upcoming holidays? Here are some great tools that will help with the food and drinks for your little ones. Each of these items is under $10. #1 is my favorite.

1) Banana Savers– Bananas would be such a perfect travel food if only they didn’t turn black and mushy with the slightest pressure. Have you ever put a banana in your purse or diaper bag? Even if you’re very careful it quickly becomes mush. Solution: Banana Savers! I have even put a banana in this and packed it in my checked bag. It stays bruise-free and perfect for eating! The container is large so bananas of almost any size and shape fit. The clasp breaks fairly easily, but  wrapping a rubber band around it keeps it closed.

Banana Savers

2) Feeding Spoon. If you’re in the stage of cereal feeding, this spoon works so well for travel! Just pack a small amount of powdered cereal mixed with powdered formula. Just add water when you’re baby is ready to eat. You sqeeze the cereal into the spoon one bite at a time. This is an item we used often for Ella at that age.

Boon Feeding Spoon

3) Take ‘n’ Toss Straw Cup. I love these cups. We still use them even though Ella is old enough to use a regular cup. They are BPA free and even though you can toss them, you can also re-use them. The Disney characters available just add to their charm.

The First Years Disney Take and Toss Straw Cup

4)Take and Toss Utensils. Of course you can get by without these, but I find it nice to have the right sized utensils for my little one. These are BPA free and inexpensive. Like the cups, they are inexpensive enough to toss, but you can wash and re-use them. We used the same set for 3 years!

The First Years Take and Toss Flatware Travel Set

5) Juice Box Buddies. It is so frustrating for both parent and child to have a juice box or pouch accidently squeezed and spilled everywhere. Solution: Mommy’s Helper Juice Box Buddies! Just put the juice box/pouch in the holder and no more spills! The handles make it so easy for any child to manage.

Mommy’s Helper Juice Box Buddies