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How to Bathe Infants Without a Tub

Posted by on July 23, 2013

At home you probably have a nice little infant tub for bathing your baby. But what will you do when you travel? Once baby can sit up it’s not so hard to bathe him in the tub, but before that it’s one slippery mess trying to hold onto him  and wash him at the same time while bending down into the giant tub.

One solution is to get in the tub with your baby. Then you can hold him and wash him. If you’re not up for taking a bath yourself or if there isn’t a bathtub where you are, then the best solution I’ve found is to go ahead and bathe the baby in the sink. At six months John is pretty big for this small sink, but since he’s not quite sitting on his own yet, it’s my only option and actually works quite well.

Here are the items that help make bathing when away from home easier:

Bath for Baby Traveling

  • Hooded towel
  • Baby washcloth
  • Gentle shampoo/body wash combo (We love Aquaphor Gentle Wash & Shampoo)
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Hand towel (put in sink to keep baby from slipping)

I bring all but the hand towel from home. You can use an empty dish soap bottle for the squirt bottle. I fill the squirt bottle with warm water as I’m filling the sink and use it to rinse baby’s hair and body. The squirt bottle can then become a bath toy as you squirt water and the baby tries to “catch” it. This is John’s favorite bath game. None of these items are absolute necessities, but they help make the bath go more smoothly.


To me having a baby towel is helpful. I hold the top corner in my mouth and then lift up John and place him in the center of the towel then put the hood over his head. Then he’s easily wrapped up and even the squirmiest baby is kept safe from slipping.



That’s it! Easy bathing on-the-go.


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