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First Class for Kids

Posted by on April 6, 2012

Airport Security

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about whether kids should be allowed in first class.  Last year, Malaysian Airlines banned infants from first class on their larger aircraft. Now they plan to ban families with kids from their upstairs economy section. Opinions on the matter are strong. We think “a person is a person, no matter how small” (Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss). Yes, sometimes kids can be annoying, especially if you’ve paid extra to be in a separate cabin  hoping for more peace. But many adult passengers are annoying too. Should we now implement a “no-complaining” zone, or a “no arrogant jerks” zone?  (If we do, I hope I can work in THAT section!)

In my experience, the majority of children who sit in first class are well behaved frequent fliers themselves. When there is a problem it is most often an obvious lack of parenting or a case of “my child is better than all others in the world and can do no wrong.” You know your child. If  dinner at a restaurant is chaotic, perhaps it would be best to hold off on first class travel for a while. But if your child is able to act appropriately in public, first class can be a very comfortable option and if you have the means (or upgrade points) to obtain a first class seat, I personally am not against it.

We were fortunate this week to get first class seats with a mileage ticket. There was a separate curbside check-in area only for those with first class tickets. I was traveling alone with Ella, being dropped off by a car service, so curbside check-in was a great option. Ella really got the premium treatment with a ride on the luggage cart into the terminal!

Premium services

You wouldn’t think first class would be that much different to a 4 year old, but it really is more comfortable, even for little ones. The larger seats makes it feel like a more private space and Ella was more relaxed with less noise and fewer distractions.

One benefit of riding in first class was being served a meal. Of course I still brought our own snacks. Ella started with a veggie tray before take-off. But she really loved the shrimp cocktail.

First Class

The brownies and ice cream weren’t too bad either.

Airplane Food

I can definitely understand when people react to loud, obnoxious children or crying babies in the first class cabin. But does this look like someone who would bother you if she were seated behind you?  I argue that adult passengers are just as likely as children to be irritating and annoying. There is no one exempt from learning proper manners and airline etiquette.


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*Note: Of course we all know no matter how well trained and how well behaved your children normally are, there will be days when they seem demon possessed and not a thing can be done to calm them. You know, everyone has those days, not just kids. Kids are just more open about it. If you’re doing what you can to keep the peace people will see that you are trying. Most people will understand. It’s the parents who don’t try who get and deserve criticism.

That’s my opinion on kids in first class. What do you think?

Airport Security