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Island Vacation Packing

Island Vacation
Posted by on January 11, 2017

Extras to Pack for an Island Vacation

When you’re preparing for an island vacation, you might want to pack some things you don’t pack for every trip. Here are the extra things we pack for our annual island vacation to St. Thomas, USVI. Save yourself money and hassle by bringing these things with you.


Many times when we have stayed in St. Thomas, we have experienced power outages which sometimes last for hours. Electricity availability is limited with challenges in supply. Although it has improved in the past couple of years, we always expect to lose power at least once in a week-long stay. I found these Electcity Lanterns, which are light weight (10oz.) and are very bright.  I also pack a headlamp flashlight no matter where I travel.

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Of course there is plenty of food available in most vacation spots, but it is so much more expensive. For the kids I usually pack a few basics if I have room in my checked baggage. I pack peanut butter and jelly, juice boxes, tortillas, macaroni and cheese boxes, dried fruit, a box of favorite cereal, and snack crackers. Depending on your location you might also be able to order some of these online ahead of time and have them delivered.

Sand Bucket

You would expect that a resort or condo at the beach would have sand toys, but some do not. Come prepared by packing a collapsible sand bucket and a few digging tools.

Snorkel Gear

If you want to enjoy snorkeling, it is essential that you have a good mask that doesn’t leak. The first time I went snorkeling I had a choice of a few snorkel masks to borrow, but none of them sealed properly. I had to pay about 30% more than retail to buy a snorkel mask that worked for me. I love the idea of this Aikeli mask with no-mouthpiece, which looks easier for kids to manage than a standard mask.

Blackout Curtains

You’re visiting the Islands for the sun, but that bright sun might not be so welcome when you’re trying to sleep, especially if you still have young children that need to nap. I pack a couple of lightweight blackout curtains and some clothespins for hanging them. Alternatively you could bring black garbage bags and painter’s tape.

Those are my “extra” items for an island vacation. Are there extra items you pack for an island vacation that you don’t pack on other trips? Share in the comments below! Every Tuesday I write a new blog post with travel tips. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! If you have any travel questions I’d love to help!

Island Vacation