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Review and Giveaway of NurturMe Organic Baby Food

Posted by on November 13, 2013

When you’re flying with a baby, one of the big considerations in packing is what food to bring. You should always bring at least twice as much food as you think you’ll need. You never know when you’ll experience lengthy delays or even an unplanned overnight stay.  Little squishy pouches of baby food are nice, but since they’re liquid, you’ll have to declare those at TSA which can be a hassle. Here is a great option for bringing baby food without taking liquids:

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Sara F.! Congratulations, Sara!

If you didn’t win but would like to try NurturMe Organic baby food, you can order them from the NurturMe store. I have also been able to find them at my local Target.

NurtureMe Organic Baby Food comes in powdered form in a small paper pouch. You simply add water, formula, or breast milk until desired consistency is reached. These pouches are great for traveling because they are so lightweight. I figure packing 12 NurtureMe packets vs. 12 liquid pouches will save about 2 lbs. in weight. This makes it a great option when you are traveling overseas where it might be difficult to find local foods that will work for the baby.

(Although I received this product for the purpose of review and a sample pack for this giveaway, I am not being compensated for recommending this product. My opinions are my own and I will never recommend something which I wouldn’t use myself.)

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Travel Food

I love that all NurtureMe foods are Certified Organic, Non-GMO verified, and have no added preservatives, sugars, or salts. They are gluten-free, Kosher, and made in the USA.

If your child is older, you can use NurtureMe foods to add additional nutrients to their food. It’s easy to stir in a pouch of butternut squash with a dish of Macaroni and Cheese. Or your toddler might like an order of plain pasta when you stir in green peas. See NurtureMe’s Kichen for other  great recipe ideas for your kids. They also have some great bite-sized free-dried snacks they call Yum-A-Roos. We tried Carribean Crop, with peas, banana, and pineapple. Although the recommended age for these snacks is 1 and up, John (age 10 months and good at chewing) enjoyed them very much, especially the peas. Ella (age 5) liked them too.

Things I love about NurtureMe baby food:

  • Healthy with no additives
  • Lightweight for packing
  • Easy to use
  • John likes them
  • Looks like food in it’s original state (e.g. peas are actually bright green, not brown-green like you see in jarred peas)

I only wish that NurtureMe offered more flavors. But on their website’s Q&A they do say they are adding more flavors. I have noticed several new ones in the last few months as well.

Ways to use NurtureMe foods:

  • For meals when traveling
  • In diaper bag ready for last-minute outings
  • In car for “emergency” snack (Yum-a-Roos are great for this purpose!)
  • At home to add nutrients to prepared meals
  • For meals ANY time

NurtureMe packages are also great for putting in your emergency bag in case of natural disaster. Having lived in California for 8 years, I’m very aware of the need for a grab-and-run bag of the essentials. You can easily pack the recommended 3-day supply of food for your infant or toddler using NurtureMe foods.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Now with John at 10 months old it is a little easier to just hand him a liquid food pouch, but I still buy NurtureMe dried food pouches for use during travel and in my diaper bag and emergency bag.

Do you want to give NurtureMe products a try? Enter to win our giveaway! Click on the link below:
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