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When Kids Help Pack

Posted by on August 10, 2012

It’s always nice to let the kids get involved with the packing. It makes them feel important and helps them get excited about the trip. Just be sure to give some guidelines or the packing will be like this:

We need this…


And this!


The last thing! Now the drawers are completely empty! 


Don’t forget the most important thing!


So cozy! I’m sure the bag is still under 50 lbs. Smile


A better idea: Give the kids an age-appropriate list of what to pack.

2 year old: Ask him to get 1-3 things (such as his lovey, one small animal, one small toy) and help you put them in the bag.

3 year old: Have her pick out one stuffed animal, one favorite shirt, and one small toy to take on this trip.

4-6 year old: Prepare a list of 5-20 items that you want packed and ask them to find those items.

6-10 year old: Give them a list with general items that you want them to bring (such as 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 5 pair of underwear, etc.) and let them choose the items to pack.

11 years and up: Let them set out what they would like to bring for you to approve before it goes in the bag.

For everyone (including yourself), it’s best to lay everything out on the bed before putting them in the suitcase. This way you can see everything you have and weed out the extra items that aren’t necessary. I always find that I can eliminate 2-3 outfits and minimize my load.


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