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Making Friends

Posted by on July 27, 2012

One of my favorite things that Ella has developed from frequent travel is the ability to make friends everywhere. If she sees any girl, whether age four or fourteen, she walks up to her with a smile and says hi. The moment we walked into the airport yesterday, Ella met another girl named Ella. This Ella was as friendly as mine, one year older, and very sweet. She even invited my Ella to her birthday party (next year, LOL). She and Ella talked for about 5 minutes and then we took this picture of the new friends:

Two Ellas

I was so glad that we had lots of extra time before our flight, because Ella made friends with about 8 or 9 girls and that was BEFORE we even got on the airplane, where she met another 5 friends. One of the greatest things about traveling is meeting new people, and it’s great to give the kids this opportunity. 

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