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Photo Friday: Stop and Smell the Flowers

Posted by on April 13, 2012

When you’re traveling with small children every moment is occupied. It just hit me last week: A vacation with children is not a vacation FROM the children. I always have the grand idea that during week away with Ella I’ll read 2-3 books, write a few blog posts, and clean out my email inbox, which currently has 9,631 messages. Instead, the time speeds by and I maybe read 10 pages of one book. I am beginning to accept that in choosing to spend as many fun moments as I can with my daughter, I will get less done than I hoped or planned. I’m learning that it’s okay, as long as I am sure to schedule time for the truly important things (like taxes, which I just did yesterday, 3 days before the deadline,but…they are done!).

This photo was taken on our trip last week. We were enjoying a mother-daughter day of clothes shopping on a lovely spring day in Texas. In your travels with your kids, slow down and follow their lead. They love to explore and study all that is around them. Instead of rushing from one thing to another, Watch them for clues as to what interests them. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a bug crawling across the sidewalk or the petals of a flower.

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