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Review of Go-Go Babyz Handle Pouch

Posted by on December 5, 2011

I am a huge fan of Go-Go Babyz Products. We have used their Travelmate wheels since Ella’s first flight and I can’t imagine taking the car seat throught the airport without using the Travelmate.

Go-Go Babyz has been adding innovative travel products to their line over the last several years and I am so excited to tell you about this Handle Pouch.

*I am not being paid for this review. I am not affiliated with Go-Go Babyz. I often recommend Go-Go Babyz products because I find them so useful for air travel and I enjoy supporting and promoting small U.S. businesses with great ideas. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. When you make a purchase using these links, I receive a small commission, which helps offset the cost of running this website. Thank you for your support!

When I first received the Handle Pouch I thought it looked ideal for quick access to diapers and wipes but since Ella is out of diapers I wasn’t quite sure how I would use the handle pouch. At first I just packed toilet seat covers, wipes, hand sanitizer, camera, a granola bar, fruit snacks, and my keys. I thought it worked well but it was really just adding another bag to what I already had. I did realize I had plenty of space in the bag. I decided to use it as a replacement for my purse.

I wasn’t expecting to love this, but it fit so much and everything was visible at a glance and easily accessible! The thing is like Mary Poppin’s bag! It seemed like it could fit anything! In addition to what I put in the first time, I packed: Flip video camera, Blackberry, iPod touch, wallet, 2 passports, Bandaids, gum, pen, Kleenex, powder, lipstick, pocket calendar, Tic Tacs, nail clippers, eye drops, my sunglasses and Ella’s sunglasses, and  I could even fit my husband’s wallet if he asked me to carry it.

What I liked best about using the Handle Pouch is that I had quick and easy access to things like my camera, toilet seat covers, wipes, and ID. When they were in my backpack it was always a hassle to dig through everything else I was carrying to get to these items. The Handle Pouch is designed to attach easily to any luggage handle with a velcro strap.

I love this little bag so much that I have now been back from my trip for 3 days and I have yet to transfer my things back to my purse. This is a very functional item. If you want to be organized when you travel I highly recommend getting a Go-Go Babyz Handle Pouch for yourself.

Everything you see below is neatly tucked in above.
Passports go in small pocket in back.

You can buy the Go-Go Babyz Handle Pouch online at and at Amazon.

Just a happy photo of Ella to thank you for reading the whole blog post. 😉