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Review of Mile High Gear 3-Day Cooler

Posted by on April 20, 2012


Mile High Gear

Mile High Gear was started by a flight attendant that saw a need that had to be filled; that need was how to keep food cold for more than 12 hrs. Their coolers are designed by flight attendants and specially made for people who travel. They are leak proof, sweat proof and made in the USA!

As a flight attendant with a commute that takes half a day, I usually fly to my base city the day before my trip. Then I try to work a 3-day trip that returns early enough to make it home the evening of the 3rd day. I like to bring my food from home when possible. The challenge in that is finding a way to keep my food cold. Even with 2 or 3 Blue Ice packs, by the end of a 12-hour day the ice packs have thawed and my food is no longer a safe temperature. Warm yogurt, anyone? Blech!

Mile High Gear claims that their coolers keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours, so I put it to the test. I filled a gallon sized bag with ice and zipped it up. I opened the bag every few hours to check on it. After 24 hours, this was the state of the ice:

3 day cooler ice

While there was some melted ice, about half of it was still solid. I have never used a cooler that kept ice, even Blue Ice, solid for more than 6 hours! What a great cooler! The inside lining is also leak-proof, so if there is condensation (or if your Ziploc bag leaks), you will not have to worry about it soaking your other bags or the floor at your feet.

The 3-Day Cooler is so spacious, you can fit food for the whole family to last several days. This is perfect  for any day trip (or longer). I could imagine using it on Cruise Day-excursions, at Disney World, or on overseas flights. It’s also useful if you have a long distance to drive after buying cold groceries. Just load it up, and your food stays nice and cold until you can get to refrigeration.

When we moved cross-country, this is what I packed in the 3-Day Cooler:

. food for trip

As you see, this all fits easily in the 3-Day Cooler, with room to spare.

3 day cooler

This 3-Day Cooler fits easily under the aircraft seat. I think I’ll buy the 2-day cooler for our regular use for flights, because for our small family, the 3-Day is larger than we need for a typical 9 hour travel day. But if you’re packing for a larger family or for a longer flight, this bag is ideal.

Mile-High Gear has several different sized coolers as well as other great travel gear. They can be purchased at

**Stay tuned! I’m working on an upcoming giveaway. This great cooler *may* be the prize! Details will be coming in the very near future.**

Disclaimer: Although I received this bag free for review, my opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any way. I promise to always be honest in any review I give and will not recommend anything I would not use for myself.