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Travel Tips

A Flight Attendant’s Tips to Prevent Blocked Ears

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and have had blocked ears three times in my 16 years of flying as a flight attendant. The times I got blocked ears I actually didn’t know I had an upper sinus infection, otherwise I would likely have been able to prevent blocked ears with these tips that have saved … Continue reading »

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5 Things to Do on a Day Trip to NYC with Kids

Our Day trip to NYC with Kids Visiting New York City for just a quick trip? How do you decide what to do when there are enough fun activities and sights to spend a week or more? Here are 5 things we did on a day trip to NYC with our kids, ages 7.5 and … Continue reading »

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4 Ways to Track Santa TODAY!

It’s Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here! My day is filled with fun chaos as I try to prioritize the 7 days worth of things I need to accomplish today. One thing trumping the cleaning and wrapping I should be doing is using these 4 ways to track Santa! The kids are so … Continue reading »

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How to Find the Best Airport Restroom

Airport Restrooms – Why Can’t Stalls Be Larger? Do you want to know how to find the best airport restroom?  Guest Author Kiera Reilly* shares the best airport restrooms she has found along with some tips on how to best scope them out for yourself: Traveling through airports is often a hassle and sometimes downright … Continue reading »

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My Interview with BreakThru Radio

Twenty Something Traveler BTR Radio Interview Here is a link to my recent radio interview on Twenty Something Traveler, the travel podcast on BreakThru Radio. In it I talk with the host, Jess Goulart, about how and why I became a flight attendant, how I manage my work schedule with my family schedule, and a … Continue reading »

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A Peek at the Gaylord Texan Lone Star Christmas

Last week I stayed at the Gaylord Texan for a work conference. I was excited to see that the day of my arrival was the start date of the Lone Star Christmas Display!  I have twice visited The Gaylord Texan in years past for the purpose of visiting Santa with Ella and her cousins, who … Continue reading »

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DFW Airport for the Holidays

Are you flying through DFW Airport for the holidays? We will be! I was excited to learn of some new things the airport has to offer to help make your trip more pleasant: DFW App DFW has returned with a new and improved app – the perfect addition for your holiday travels. With the latest … Continue reading »

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Passports With Purpose—Help Give the Gift of Reading

Give the Gift of Reading   My kids, Ella (age 7.5) and John (age 2.5) love books so much! Their collection doesn’t even fit in our bookshelves. It’s hard for me to imagine not having unlimited access to books. When I learned that Passports With Purpose was working with Worldreader this year to bring digital … Continue reading »

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Ways to Help Your Child Be Calm on a Plane

  Airports are crowded, busy, and noisy. This constant bombarding of the senses can make your child anxious. Even if they are not visibly stressed, all of the stimulation does challenge their senses and can be tiring. If you have a child with autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, this is even more true. Here are … Continue reading »

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My Child has Autism (or SPD): Should I tell the Flight Attendant?

I’m part of a group for parents of kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). In that group the parents often ask for tips for flying with their child. Although my daughter Ella was only recently diagnosed with SPD, I always knew she needed a little extra assistance coping when her senses were overwhelmed (or under … Continue reading »

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