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Great Recipe for French Toast On-the-Go!

Posted by on June 13, 2015

I’m always on the lookout for food that travels well that the kids will actually eat. This morning I made these French Toast Cups from The Wholesome Dish, and they were amazing! These could definitely be a grab & go item, not only for the plane, but for summer camp snacks, road trips, and school lunches. You can find the recipe here. Definitely click over there as her photos are so much prettier than mine! When I was taking these pictures I was not planning on writing a post about these!

I made some with diced pear and some with chocolate chips. As you can see, the chocolate chip ones were really messy, so I wouldn’t make those for travel, but they they were quite tasty! The pear ones were perfect for travel. Other ideas for toppings include dried cranberries, peaches, nectarines, or strawberries

. ToddlerChocolateMess

The recipe instructions say to put 2/3 of the mixture in the muffin tins, pack it down, add the toppings, then top with the remaining mixture. If you are making these for grab & go snacks then I would save a little bit more than 1/3 of the mixture for the top. I found I only had about 3 cubes of bread per muffing covering the topping, which wasn’t quite enough to hold it all together. I made these before bed and kept them in the refrigerator overnight, then baked them in the morning. Next time I’m definitely making at least two batches. These will be gone before the day ends!

French Toast Cups

These French Toast Cups were a huge hit. Both Ella (age 7) and John (age 2.5) ate two French Toast Cups, where they would typically eat just one or not even one whole muffin. I am not ashamed to tell you I had three for breakfast and I’m going to have one right now for snack. They are delicious!!!