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New York Botanical Garden Child Review

New York Botanical Garden
Posted by on January 17, 2017

This past weekend we visited the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) Holiday Train Show. We were lucky and won tickets through our local Macaroni Kid organization (a great resource to discover events and resources for families). The NYBG Holiday Train Show ran from  November 19, 2016-January 16, 2016, so it is over for this season. But my daughter, Ella, age 8, would like to share about her experience. You’ll see from her report that it is still worth visiting the New York Botanical Garden, even when the train show is not on exhibit.

I (Beth Henry, founder and editor of Cloud Surfing Kids) asked Ella to tell me about what she liked most at the NYBG Holiday Train Show. The trains were not the highlight of the day for her. Here are her impressions: (I gave her the camera and let her photograph without any direction. Half these photos are taken by her, as noted.)

New York Botanical Garden Review: by Ella, Age 8

new york botanical garden

Tip: Giving your kids the camera can help you see even more through their eyes!

new york botanical garden

“Manhattan Buildings” NYBG Train Show: photography by EllaJoyArt

Ella: They make all the houses out of things in nature. It’s really cool. I wonder how long it takes and how they keep it from molding or turning into dirt? I don’t know if I’d like to make one of those. It’s a lot of work, but maybe I would like to do it.  The train part of it was good. My favorite part was Coney Island, where the trains were made out of salt shakers and cooking things like that. And trees and acorns and things for decoration.

new york botanical garden

“Coney Island” NYBG Train Show: photography by EllaJoyArt

Ella: My very favorite part of the exhibit was the rain forest because it was hot and green and amazing. There was some water there. I wish they added fish, butterflies, and birds to it…maybe monkeys too. Or maybe even frogs. Well, I really liked the jungle section and I went there twice.

Beth: If you went back, would you go to the rain forest first?

Ella: Well, I’d have to wait in line, you know? (Editor’s note: the train exhibit ticket had an stamped entry time. We lined up for our 12pm time and waited about 20 minutes to enter the exhibit. Ella had a difficult time waiting in the noisy crowd.)

Beth: Would it be worth waiting in line?

Ella: Yes, especially if they added some cool animals to the biomes!

new york botanical garden

photography by EllaJoyArt

new york botanical gardenElla: They grow a lot of stuff there, even cocoa plants. I saw cocoa beans! (Forgot to take a picture.)

new york botanical garden

Ella: These vines are really cool. I was trying to get unstuck from the vines.

new york botanical garden

The desert room was really neat:

new york botanical garden

Ouch! Don’t worry, I wasn’t really touching the cactus!

Beth: Would you recommend everyone visit the New York Botanical Gardens?

Ella: No, because I would want everyone to have time for their schedule. (Editor’s note: Ella means she does not want to inconvenience anyone or interrupt their other plans.) 🙂

Beth (rephrasing): Would you want them to plan a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens when they can fit it into their schedule?

Ella: Yeah. Because it has lots of very amazing plants.

New York Botanical Garden

Thanks for reading! -Ella, age 8

Do you have any questions for Ella about her day the the New York Botanical Gardens? Post below in the comments or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages! You can also follow Ella’s artwork on Facebook at EllaJoyArt.  Comments will help her want to write and share more, so please take a moment to encourage her.