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#1 Travel Item for Flying with Toddlers

Posted by on March 11, 2015

UPDATE: I wrote this post 5 years ago, before I had a blog, just to share with my friends. Ella was just two then, the age John is now. After seven years of using GoGoBabyz TravelMate wheels, I still think it’s my #1 MUST HAVE for travel with babies and toddlers. I have traveled without it only twice and I swore never again! You can find GogoBabyz travel products at

If you travel more than 2 times a year and have a child who still uses a car seat, the GogoBabyz wheels are a MUST HAVE, in my opinion. I never used a infant car seat carrier–Ella was in the huge Britax convertible car seat from day one, so I have been using these wheels since her first flight at 8 weeks old.

GogoBabyz TravelMate is a faceplate with wheels and handle that attach to your car seat and turn the car seat into a stroller! When Ella was an infant it was so great! She would sometimes even nap while I strolled her around the airport between flights, and Ella isn’t good at napping away from home.


My current way of using the GoGoBabyz TravelMate wheels: as a bag hauler! I have a lunch tote on the bottom, backpack on that, and in the reusable shopping bag is Ella’s blanket and my purse and I’ll add bottled water inside security. You see the C.A.R.E.S. harness in the blue bag attached to my backpack. It could fit inside as well. 

Now that Ella is bigger I use the car seat to hold my carry-on bags since Ella prefers to walk through the airport. I check the seat, wheels still attached, at the gate as a stroller and they bring it back up to me at the gate at my destination. (I now use the C.A.R.E.S harness for Ella’s secure seating on the aircraft.)

*New photos since original post, here with Ella at 6 years old and John at 1.5 when this photo was taken:

nashville lga airport


The GoGoBabyz TravelMate is multi-purpose, turning your car seat into a stroller, high chair, or bag carrier!