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Window Seat Views

9 Photos That Will Inspire You to Book A Window Seat Are you a window seat or aisle seat person when you fly? There are advantages of both, but I love sitting in the window seat because of the view. Here are 9 photos that inspire booking a window seat for you next flight. And … Continue reading »

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Aviation Costume Ideas

Halloween Aviation Costumes Does your child love aviation? Are you still trying to come up with a Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas for aviation costumes that you can get in time for Halloween! The first one is a DIY costume: a flight attendant! All you need is a white shirt, dark skirt or … Continue reading »

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9/11 Musings of a Flight Attendant

9/11 Memories: Flight Attendant Musings and Responses It’s that time of year again: the time when my stomach hurts and I just want to sleep all day. On this day 15 years ago my airline’s plane, a 767 that I flew on regularly, was overtaken by terrorists and flown straight into the World Trade Center. … Continue reading »

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Stay Healthy When Flying: 5 Simple Ways

Flight Attendant Secrets: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Flying It can be tough to stay healthy when flying. With the dry air in the airplane, exposure to billions of germs from other travelers, inconsistent sleep schedules, and preservative-filled food, our bodies are in full defense mode when we travel. Flight attendants, pilots, and frequent … Continue reading »

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Mistakes to Avoid When Flying With Infant

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying With Infant Travel like a pro when you know what mistakes to avoid when flying with infants. As a flight attendant mom I have either made these mistakes or observed them on my flights. This post is the first of a two-part series. Every Tuesday I publish tips for … Continue reading »

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Unaccompanied Minors

What to consider before sending your children alone (as an unaccompanied minors) on a flight: Are you thinking about letting your child to fly alone, as an Unaccompanied Minor, this summer for the first time? Maybe your child is still to young to fly alone, but you’ve wondered at what age he will be old … Continue reading »

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15 Simple Packing Tips, Tools, Hacks

Simple Packing Tips I’ve been on over 130 flights with my kid/s plus a handful of road trips, so I’ve learned lots of packing tips, tools, and hacks.  For me, packing wisely is one of the keys to enjoying your family travel. But it can be overwhelming! Here are some simple packing tips I use … Continue reading »

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Breastfeeding on a Plane

Tips for Breastfeeding on a Plane Breastfeeding on a plane comes with some challenges. Some babies (mine) are overstimulated and won’t pay attention long enough to nurse. Some babies want to latch on for the entire flight. Mothers might be nervous that other passengers will stare or complain. You may be so squished in small … Continue reading »

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Fear of Flying? Flight Attendant Tips to Overcome Fear

Flight Attendant Tips to Overcome Fear of Flying As a flight attendant, I meet a good number of passengers who are afraid of flying. This fear usually increases during turbulence. Most of the time the passenger is able to remain calm enough to not disturb others around them, but occasionally the fear overtakes them. I … Continue reading »

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A Flight Attendant’s Tips to Prevent Blocked Ears

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and have had blocked ears three times in my 16 years of flying as a flight attendant. The times I got blocked ears I actually didn’t know I had an upper sinus infection, otherwise I would likely have been able to prevent blocked ears with these tips that have saved … Continue reading »

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