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Review of Go-Go Babyz TravelMate Deluxe Cruizer

Posted by on February 10, 2012

I will tell you more about the Go-Go Babyz TravelMate Deluxe Cruizer, but all you really need to know is this: You can easily steer it with TWO FINGERS!!!  Go-Go Babyz advertises that the Deluxe Cruizer can be steered with just one hand, but they are being modest.

Infant Cruizer

Walking to the plane I stopped for a smoothie and was able to push the Cruizer WITH THE SAME HAND THAT WAS HOLDING THE SMOOTHIE! Not just pushing in a straight line, but around people and turning corners! My other hand was free to hold Ella’s hand as we walked to our gate. (She wanted to walk so I used the Cruizer to hold the lunchbox and backpack.) I have an injured shoulder and I normally cannot push with that arm without experiencing pain. But I was able to push the Cruizer with no pain at all, using my “bad” arm!

Parents, do you know what this means? It means that you really do have a third hand, just like you’ve always dreamed! Have you ever tried to push your stroller with the same hand that was holding your coffee? This is what that looks like:

One handed struggle

(Coffee spilling. Elbow steering required. Wheels turning when you want to go straight!)

The Go-Go Babyz TravelMate Deluxe Cruizer glides smoothly with just a push of your little finger. It’s so amazing!


It’s so easy…a child can push it!

If that isn’t enough to convince you that you NEED this product, here is the rest of my review:

Set up out of the box is simple. It took me about 15 minutes and the instructions were clear. I added the Toddler Adapter for our Convertible Car Seat. I strongly encourage you to read the simple operating instructions! I did NOT, and when I got to the airport I was unsure where to put the straps through the car seat. It is VERY simple, you just have to glance at it ahead of time. I unnecessarily made myself look foolish as I struggled to figure it out .

We gate checked the car seat while attached to the Cruizer. (We use the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System on the plane.) The telescoping handle is just like on your rolling suitcase. It lowers with the push of a button and locks in it’s lowest position. I felt safe with them tossing the Car Seat/Cruizer bundle down the slide to be loaded under the plane. The Cruizer was returned to us in perfect condition with the straps still secure.

The handle folds completely flat against the platform for compact storage. The wheels can be removed with a simple push of a button. (This feature came in handy when we loaded the car with people and luggage. Having run out of room in the trunk, we were able fit the Cruizer easily at Ella’s feet inside the car.)

When I compare this to our TravelMate for use with the Convertible Car Seat,  I still prefer the TravelMate for it’s compact and the lightweight features; however the ease of steering is where the Cruizer is superior. And when compared to a framed stroller for an infant carrier car seat, the Cruizer is lighter, more durable, easier to steer, and smaller when folded. The disadvantage is there is no storage basket, but as a flight attendant I see this as a good thing for air travel. Many passengers load up the storage basket and forget to remove items when gate checking their strollers. The forgotten items often fall out and are lost. It’s better to put everything in a bag, preferably one that can attach to the handle of the Cruizer so you don’t have to carry the weight. (The Handle Pouch is a great option here.)

If you’re looking for a travel system for your infant carrier and you’re still not sure the Cruizer is the right travel system for you, check out this chart comparing the three options for infant carriers and you can see which one is best for your needs: Compare Travel Systems

My overall impression of the Go-Go Babyz TravelMate Deluxe Cruizer is that it is an excellent travel solution. I love that it can be used after the baby outgrows the infant carrier car seat. I love how easy it is to maneuver. I love that it can be used on gravel or dirt roads as well as smooth surfaces. I love that it is relatively lightweight and relatively inexpensive. I would like to see a large bag designed to fit on the handle to eliminate the need for a backpack. (That would counter the downside of not having a storage basket.)

(Disclaimer: I received the TravelMate Deluxe Cruizer Toddler Adapter Bundle as a prize for winning a photo contest on the Go-Go Babyz Facebook Page, My opinions are my own. I am not being paid for this review and I do not have affiliate links in this blog post.)DSCN3117