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Wagon Stroller Review

Posted by on September 24, 2013

Let me introduce you to a piece of equipment that is so functional and versatile it has two names: Wagon+Stroller.  The Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller is a wagon that folds fully flat; (it’s about the size of a double jogger when folded). It’s a stroller that can carry equipment as well as your child. It’s a comfy seat when you watch a parade. It’s a safe ride for the kids when you’re marching in a parade. The Wagon Stroller is Go-Go Babyz latest amazing innovation for families on-the-go.

The Wagon Stroller is designed to comply with ATSM stroller safety standards.  It can be used as a stroller, as a wagon, and as a cart. All of the impressive details of this Wagon/Stroller combo. are listed at the end of this post.

*Disclosure: I received the Wagon Stroller for the purpose of testing and review. I am not being paid for my opinion or promotion of this product. My opinions are my own based on my experience with this product. I will never promote anything which I would not use and enjoy myself.

This post contains links for your shopping convenience which will give me a slight commission if you make a purchase through them. This income will go toward the managing of this website. I appreciate your support!


My Review, Cute Pictures, Product Details:

The Wagon Stroller comes partially assembled and requires only about 5 minutes to finish assembly. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Wagon Stroller Assembly

I first tested the Wagon Stroller at the playground. John was only 4 months old at the time, so while he was too small to ride in the wagon, it was the perfect play place for him while Ella played on the playground. I lined it with a blanket and gave him several toys and he had a great time.

Cloud Surfing Kids Fly Baby

A regular umbrella was easily propped up to provide shade however now we use a clip-on umbrella. Go-Go Babyz offers an umbrella as an optional add-on. It provides 100% UV protection and is adjustable so you can angle it just right to provide shade.

Infant Playtime

The next time we tried the Wagon Stroller was to go to a parade. We were able to load our 3 lawn chairs, 3 umbrellas, 4 flags, a cooler and a backpack in the Wagon Stroller and walked with ease to the parade. This would have been a frustrating task if we tried to carry all these items by hand, especially since I was carrying the baby and his diaper bag. The Wagon Stroller was so easy to steer and maneuver that Ella (age 5) proudly steered with the pull handle while Wally used the arched push handle as a back up.

In a freak occurrence, Ella turned the front wheels right into the curb as Wally was pushing. The angle and weight hit just right (or wrong, as the case may be) and the wheel peg bent a little bit. It didn’t affect the performance of the Wagon Stroller, but I notified Go-Go Babyz about it. They quickly sent me a replacement part with instructions on switching it out and offered to get on the phone with me to walk me through the simple task of replacing the part. Their customer service is the best! In this day and age good customer service is rare thing to find but Go-Go Babyz is always there for their customers. The employees are always cheerful, kind, and extremely helpful. They make you feel like they are your friend…the kind of friend who would bend over backwards to do anything they can to help you.

*UPDATE 9/30/2015—After about two years of use, I began to have problems again with the wheel. When I was taking pictures to help show the issue, I noticed that the hub had separated from the wheel on one of the front wheels. I contacted GoGoBabyz and they told me that they had actually had a difficult time with the original supplier of those wheels and the quality they were producing. So they changed the wheel for a more dependable result. GoGoBabyz shipped me two new front wheels, via two-day shipping, free of charge. I used the wagon again during our week-long Newport, RI vacation, and the new wheels worked much better.

Wagon Stroller

John loved sitting in the wagon during the parade. It was the perfect setup. I couldn’t believe that I could actually watch and enjoy the parade while my infant played happily in the spacious Wagon Stroller. He loved having his space and toys. It was so nice having this dual-purpose stroller to do both carry equipment and to have a place for John to hang out and stay safe and comfortable during the parade.


Ella wants to participate in a parade next year. If we do that, we are definitely bringing the Wagon Stroller for John to sit in and to carry along a small cooler for cold water to drink along the way! I really love the feature of the push handle (optional feature, base model comes with a straight handle for pushing). As a flight attendant I am always pulling my luggage behind me and it’s really tough on my shoulders. I love the control I have by pushing the wagon instead of pulling.

When we went on a nature hike pushing John in the Wagon Stroller was so nice! Yes, a regular stroller would have worked as well, but when Ella got too tired to walk and Wally got tired of carrying her on his shoulders, it was sure nice to have a place for her to sit comfortably! The wagon also rolls more smoothly than a regular stroller. I also found that the Go-Go Babyz Sidekick Diaper Bag fit well across the push handle.

GoGoBabyz Wagon Stroller

This is something I can see using for another 20 years. It’s not just for young kids. We will use it for sports equipment and events, for Farmer’s Markets, for pumpkin picking, as well as for all the above mentioned uses. I know you would enjoy the Wagon Stroller too!

Impressive details:

  • 8” front, 12” rear All-terrain Wheels that Never Go Flat
  • 3 Mesh Storage Pockets
  • Hands-Free Foot Brake
  • Folds Down Flat for Easy Storage
  • Straight, 3-Position Telescoping Push Handle with Foam Comfort Grip
  • Kid Friendly, Removable Fabric Easily Wipes Clean
  • Intended for Use with 1 year olds all the way up to 10 year olds
  • Extended wheelbase and side-to-side wheel track for added stability & safety
  • Easy fold & store


  • Extended 3 position rear push handle
  • Removable cushioned seat with adjustable 5-point safety harness (each stroller can accommodate 2 seats)
  • UV Protected, Adjustable Sun Umbrella

*For your convenience I have linked to this product on Amazon. If you use this link I may receive a slight commission which will go toward managing this website. I appreciate your support!