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When Kids Help Pack

It’s always nice to let the kids get involved with the packing. It makes them feel important and helps them get excited about the trip. Just be sure to give some guidelines or the packing will be like this: We need this…   And this! The last thing! Now the drawers are completely empty!  Don’t … Continue reading »

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Managing Public Bathrooms With Young Kids

  I have to be honest: I didn’t rush Ella into being potty trained because it was much easier to change diapers/pull-ups than to deal with using public toilets, especially when traveling. The way I handle public toilets is the squat method, but young children are of course too small for “the squat”. Here are … Continue reading »

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5 Things to Teach Your Kids When Flying

  1) NEVER push the Flight Attendant call button. Tell your children it’s for emergencies only. If you want to let them play with the lights you have to be sure they learn the difference between the light and the call button. Since any chime COULD be an emergency, flight attendants snap to attention when … Continue reading »

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Dressing for Travel (Video)

Remember the days when people dressed up for travel?  We all like to dress for comfort. But being comfortable doesn’t have to mean looking like a slob. Slippers are never appropriate for walking through the airport. It’s fine to dress your children in pj’s for night flights, but you don’t want to be wearing pajamas … Continue reading »

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Pack this, not that (Video)

Sometimes children want to bring everything with them on a trip. When we were moving, Ella asked, “But how will they get the bathroom and toilet and sink on the moving truck?” If you give your child the option to choose a few toys to bring on the airplane, be sure to give some guidelines. … Continue reading »

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5 Homemade Travel-Friendly Foods

It’s always an good idea to pack plenty of food when flying, whether or not your kids are with you. The more self-sufficient you are, the easier it will be to handle interruptions in your travel day.  Have you ever been on a flight that didn’t get catered as planned? What if you’re counting on … Continue reading »

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