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Where to Find Inexpensive Busy Bag Items

inexpensive busy bag
Posted by on March 7, 2017

4 Stores for Inexpensive Busy Bag Items:

Crafts and Toys on a Budget

I’m always on the look out for good toys and activities for travel. These four stores are where I find the inexpensive busy bag toys and activities that the kids and I like best. Do you have inexpensive busy bag items to add? Where did you find them? Help our readers out and comment below!

1. Michael’s

inexpensive busy bag

Michael’s often has great “stocking stuffer” type mini-crafts. These can include mini kits of wax string art, scratch art, sewing kits, pin art, and more. You can find lots of activity kits from $1-$5. I use the Michael’s app, where I can regularly find a 40% off one item coupon. Simple craft supplies can be great too; things like paper clips or pipe cleaners. My eight year old daughter, Ella, loves to play with paper clips, twisting them into new shapes, making a long chain, etc. My four year old son, John, likes to use the paper clips as a chain to tie up his Superheroes. LOL

Facebook Live Video Posted by Cloud Surfing Kids on Tuesday, March 7, 2017:

2. Target

inexpensive busy bag

The Dollar Spot is always worth checking out for simple travel toys. You can often find mini books, coloring books, magnetic games, or card games there. Usually the more useful things are $3- $5 instead of $1.

3. Marshall’s

I find lots of good prices on toys and books at Marshalls. Recently I have seen Play-Doh travel packs, Melissa & Doug travel activities, action figures, and art kits there, all below retail prices.

4. Amazon

Amazon is still my go-to store, as you can find almost anything you need without having to run around town. Save time searching around for travel-appropriate toys by checking out some of the lists I have made in previous posts:

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You may notice I don’t mention the Dollar Store. I’m sure you can find good deals there, but I am not a fan of Dollar Stores. The reason is I can usually find better quality and similar prices at the places mentioned above. I don’t really want to buy “junk” toys, just because they are cheap. There are people who are experts at finding good quality and great deals at Dollar Stores, but it’s not something I want to spend my time on. If it works for you, though, go ahead browse the aisles and see what you find!

inexpensive busy bag

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