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Posted by on March 29, 2016


In almost every airport restroom there is one thing which strikes fear in the souls of most small children: the auto-flush toilet. The noise of it is bad enough, but if you are a tiny child, already afraid of falling into the huge toilet, to have that toilet flush while you are sitting on it is absolutely terrifying. I’m going to share with you the simplest trick I learned along the way for surviving the auto-flush toilet.

It’s really very, very simple:

Use Sticky Notes or stickers

When you enter the restroom stall, simply place a Post-It Note (or large sticker) over the auto-flush sensor. Then you can prep the toilet with a toilet seat cover without fear of it getting sucked down before your child has a chance to sit. Once you have the seat cover on, your child can use the toilet and you won’t have to battle the shock that comes with the toilet flushing while your child is seated.

You can also use these sticky-notes for something for your child to draw on or for making a mosaic when bored on the plane. What other uses can you think of for using them when traveling? Tell us in the comments below. Maybe we’ll feature your tip in an upcoming post!

That’s it! I really thought everyone knew this trick, and I know a lot of you do, but I keep sharing this idea in various parenting forums I am in, and it is a new idea to many. So if you already use this, great! Share with your friends so that everyone else can know this easy trick for surviving the auto-flush toilet.


Thanks for checking in today for Travel Tuesday Quick Tips! If you find this useful, I’d love it if you would share with your friends!