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Flight Attendant Mom

Window Seat Views

9 Photos That Will Inspire You to Book A Window Seat Are you a window seat or aisle seat person when you fly? There are advantages of both, but I love sitting in the window seat because of the view. Here are 9 photos that inspire booking a window seat for you next flight. And … Continue reading »

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Christmas Stockings

Christmas in a Hotel Do flight attendants ever get the chance to hang Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve? As a flight attendant I often have to fly on holidays. Although it varies by company and location, flight attendants usually have to work 30+ years before they can hold Christmas eve and Christmas Day off! Flight … Continue reading »

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9/11 Musings of a Flight Attendant

9/11 Memories: Flight Attendant Musings and Responses It’s that time of year again: the time when my stomach hurts and I just want to sleep all day. On this day 15 years ago my airline’s plane, a 767 that I flew on regularly, was overtaken by terrorists and flown straight into the World Trade Center. … Continue reading »

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