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My Interview with Rudy Maxa’s World Travel Radio Show

Posted by on June 23, 2015

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Rudy Maxa on his radio travel show: Rudy Maxa’s World. We talked about a few tips for flying with kids. If you missed it live, you can hear the podcast here:

Rudy Maxa’s World June 20, 2015- Hour 1

I actually made a rookie mistake as I had a whole page of notes in front of me on things I thought Rudy might ask me, but the six summer travel tips I was supposed to talk about? Nope, didn’t write that in my notes. I thought he would be prompting them and I was so worried about “dead air” that I didn’t want to pause to think of my post. In short, I froze.

Luckily Rudy Maxa was an excellent host and graciously got me talking about some other travel tips.

**Disclosure: I was not paid to be on the show, and I am not being compensated for this blog post. Everything that I speak positively about reflects my own experience  and is not influenced by any outside party.

The entire hour is worth listening to but if you’re in a rush, I come on just after the 30-minute mark.  Here is the lineup:

  • Consumer travel expert Charlie Leocha of discuses upcoming DC legislation affecting travelers.
  • Host of a new public television series, “Dream of Italy,” Kathy McCabe offers a strategy for booking a trip to Italy now.
  • Johnny Jet explains when to travel to find the best airline fares.
  • Flight attendent mom Beth Henry & blogger shares six summer tips for flying with kids.
  • TechCraver Jason Harris suggests last-minute techie/travel gifts for Father’s Day.

I feel very honored to have been invited to participate in such a great show. If you haven’t checked out Rudy Maxa’s radio show yet, you definitely should! It’s so full of great travel tips and ideas. My Dad listened and had only one complaint: “Only wish he had people on for longer segments. In the three segments I heard I would start to get interested in the subject and then he was on to someone else.”

Well, I think that shows that Rudy Maxa has great interviews and great topics! You can listen to his show streaming live on Saturday mornings and they actually keep looping so you can tune in any time. Podcasts of each week’s shows are released on Mondays. Tune in! More details here: