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Best Travel Gift Ideas for Infants

travel gift ideas for infants
Posted by on November 22, 2016

Here are some of the best travel gift ideas for infants I can recommend. From clothes to toys to equipment, they’re all things that will make family travel more pleasant.

(Amazon Affiliate links are used in this post for your shopping convenience. When you make a purchase through these links I may receive a small commission which goes toward the operation of this website. I appreciate your support!)

20 Travel Gift Ideas for Infants

1) Sleep Hat $12.99

travel gift ideas for infants
If your infant tolerates hats, this is the best! Once the baby falls asleep just fold down the flap over their eyes! I had this for my son, John, who was colicky and wouldn’t sleep during the day, and he actually slept (while being held) at a birthday party! This will keep you from cursing the flight attendants when they turn the lights up before landing.

2) Go-Go Babyz TravelMate Deluxe Cruiser $189.99
travel gift ideas for infants

Turn your infant carrier into a stroller! This Deluxe Cruiser can also grow with your child: when you add the adapter kit it can be used with a convertible car seat! Read my review of this here.

3) Lamaze Clip & Go Flutterbug $9.41 (from $15.99)

travel gift ideas for infants

Infants don’t need too much for entertainment, but they can get bored. Bring a few small toys for them. Something to keep in mind: avoid noise makers. Consider the passengers around you and don’t bring electronic toys or squeaking toys.

4) Soft Cover Book $14.97
travel gift ideas for infants

Even infants enjoy a good book! But don’t add to the weight of your bag with board books, just pack one soft cover book for reading to your infant.

5) Soft Cover Photo Book $13.98
travel gift ideas for infants

6) Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym $23.97 (from $32.99)
travel gift ideas for infants

If you have an infant who needs lots of stimulation, you will want to pack something for your baby to play on when you’re at your destination. For some of you, packing something like this is a little extreme, but for my first born it was necessary. She needed overhead toys/stimulation and lots of variety. It was so worth it to pack her activity gym in my checked rolling duffel bag.

7) Manhattan Toy Mobile To-Go $9.44 (from $12.00)
travel gift ideas for infants

This was another life saver with my very active infant. A clip-on mobile provided lots of great stimulation and kept her more content when we were on-the-go.

8) Bright Starts Links Accessory Toy $3.88 (Amazon Exclusive)

travel gift ideas for infants

Attach toys to your stroller or car seat so they don’t drop on the floor. Or just use these rings as toys themselves! The varied textures and colors make for interesting toys for all babies.

9) KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed Kiwi $89.99 (Black $99.95)
travel gift ideas for infants

Small enough to fit in a rolling duffel bag, this infant travel bed gets rave reviews. It’s a pretty simple bed. If you want something more sturdy, take a look at what we used: the Bjorn Travel Crib:

10) Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light Silver or Pink $209.99, Black $227.99 (from $299.95)

travel gift ideas for infants

I was so happy using this travel crib for my son. I used it for him from age 1-3.5. We even used it for him daily for six months while living with in-laws as we were waiting to buy our house. He was very comfortable in it! Set up is easy and only takes about a minute, which is so nice after a long travel day.

11) Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten $19.99

travel gift ideas for infants

Another clever invention! You don’t have to worry about this dropping on the airplane floor.

Click here for How to Pack Your Carry On for Infants

12) Elesa Miracle Baby Leg Warmers $17.99 (from $29.99)

travel gift ideas for infants

These leg warmers are great to have on hand for warmth. They can be used on arms or legs, and slide easily on and off, even if your baby is strapped in the car seat. We had these and my daughter used them up to age 6 on her arms!

13) Robeez Little Peanut Crib Shoe $19.46 (from 25.00)

travel gift ideas for infants

These little crib shoes stay on! If you’re tired of shoes or socks falling off, these are the solution. It’s all I used for my daughter until she was walking.

14) Trumpette Baby Sock Set $24.99 (assorted styles available from $17.55)

travel gift ideas for infants

So many infant socks slide right off, but these Trumpette socks stay put. They have lots of cute styles that mimic shoes. Cute and cozy!

15) aden + anais Muslin Dream Blanket $49.99

Save $10 on the “Liam The Brave” style only $39.95

travel gifts for infants

This is the most versatile baby blanket I have used. It can be used for swaddling, warmth, a nursing cover, and a car seat cover. I would even pack two for my flight.

16) Go-Go Babyz Sidekick Diaper Bag $59.77

travel gift ideas for infants

I loved this diaper bag when traveling with my infant son! The front flap unzips and turns the bag into a baby carrier! It’s so convenient when flying! You can read my review of the Sidekick Diaper Bag/Baby Carrier here.

*Note: this does not offer enough support for a newborn. Your child should be in the sitting stage to use this as a baby carrier.

17) Oxo On-the-Go Drying Rack $14.99

travel gift ideas for infants

If you’re traveling with bottles, this little brush and drying rack is perfect!

18) Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon $6.40 (from $9.99)

travel gift ideas for infants

You can put the baby food in this holder and squeeze on bite at a time into the spoon. I used it for both my kids and it was so convenient!

19) NurturMe NurturMeals, Dried Organic Food Pouches 5 count-from $5.94-$15.27 ($2.50 coupon on Amazon)

travel gift ideas for infants

I love these NurturMe Dried Organic Food Pouches! Packing these instead of purees allows you to not have to worry about TSA liquid restrictions. They are also lighter to pack. Right now on Amazon there is a $2.50 coupon for your first order of NurturMe. You can read my review of NurtureMe Food Pouches here.

20) Blowout Blocker

travel gift ideas for infants

This is a genius invention! Blowouts never happen at a convenient time, and it seems to me that the airplane cabin pressure might increase the chance of this occurring. I used this for my son when he was an infant and it worked just as intended.

travel gift ideas for infants