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Mistakes to Avoid When Flying With Infant

13 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying With Infant Travel like a pro when you know what mistakes to avoid when flying with infants. As a flight attendant mom I have either made these mistakes or observed them on my flights. This post is the first of a two-part series. Every Tuesday I publish tips for … Continue reading »

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Help! My Child Hates the Beach!

What to do When Your Child Hates the Beach Everyone loves the beach, right? No? What if your child hates the beach? You don’t have to avoid beach vacations forever. Here are some reasons why your child hates the beach and some ideas of ways to overcome them. This post was inspired by Cloud Surfing … Continue reading »

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AeroBed for Kids: A Review

The Best Air Mattress for Kids We have used and enjoyed AeroBed for Kids for six years, so I figured it was time I gave it a review. If you are looking for a travel bed for your toddler, preschooler, or young child, I highly recommend the AeroBed for Kids. The AeroBed Mattress for Kids is designed similarly … Continue reading »

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9 Most Useful Things to Pack for the Beach With Kids

My Favorites to Pack for the Beach:   Summer is here! Yippee! How many of you are heading to the beach with kids this summer? Have you thought about what to pack? Today I’ll share with you the things I find most useful to pack for the beach with kids. What are your top things … Continue reading »

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15 Simple Packing Tips, Tools, Hacks

Simple Packing Tips I’ve been on over 130 flights with my kid/s plus a handful of road trips, so I’ve learned lots of packing tips, tools, and hacks.  For me, packing wisely is one of the keys to enjoying your family travel. But it can be overwhelming! Here are some simple packing tips I use … Continue reading »

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SURVIVING THE AUTO-FLUSH TOILET In almost every airport restroom there is one thing which strikes fear in the souls of most small children: the auto-flush toilet. The noise of it is bad enough, but if you are a tiny child, already afraid of falling into the huge toilet, to have that toilet flush while you … Continue reading »

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St. Thomas With Kids: Day Two—Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie: If you’re vacationing in St. Thomas or looking for activities close to port when on a cruise, here are some ways to spend the day in St. Thomas in Charlotte Amalie, where the cruise ships dock. Day Two St. Thomas With Kids St. Thomas with Kids on Day Two: On our second day … Continue reading »

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St. Thomas With Kids: TRAVEL DAY

We are vacationing in St. Thomas this week with our kids, Ella, age 7 (nearly 8), and John, age 3.  I thought I’d write a series on what to with kids in St. Thomas. This is our travel day to St. Thomas: Travel Day: We left our house in New York at 4am to drive … Continue reading »

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5 Things to Do on a Day Trip to NYC with Kids

Our Day trip to NYC with Kids Visiting New York City for just a quick trip? How do you decide what to do when there are enough fun activities and sights to spend a week or more? Here are 5 things we did on a day trip to NYC with our kids, ages 7.5 and … Continue reading »

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Ways to Help Your Child Be Calm on a Plane

  Airports are crowded, busy, and noisy. This constant bombarding of the senses can make your child anxious. Even if they are not visibly stressed, all of the stimulation does challenge their senses and can be tiring. If you have a child with autism or Sensory Processing Disorder, this is even more true. Here are … Continue reading »

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